Your Options When Using a Private Jet to Travel

Have you ever stood in long lines at the airport and thought to yourself "If only I could afford my own airplane?" Many of us have had this same thought while patiently waiting to board our commercial flight or try to explain to the clerk that when we left for our destination, our luggage actually was whole and not smashed beyond recognition.

While it may seem like a pipe dream for some individuals, it may not be as difficult for many as they might think. There is more than one way to take part in using a private jet to make your travels better.

There is one way that you can experience the convenience and luxury of private jet flights without having to own such a plane; choose to use a private jet service. These services allow you to basically rent one whenever you need to, usually with only a few hours of notice. This is typically referred to as Private Jet Charter.

This can definitely be a way to experience jet travel, with only having to pay for each usage. Another way is by purchasing part ownership in such a plane. This is referred to as fractional jet ownership. An individual simply purchases a fraction of the ownership of it, along with other individuals, and all related maintenance costs and expenses are shared.

There are also programs for purchasing only block time on a private jet, these are typically referred to as card programs. Meaning you purchase a 25 or 50 hour card, similar to a prepaid calling card, and you are not liable for the tangible ownership of an aircraft. This is a great business way to leverage business usage of a private jet that can be realized as an expense and not a capital purchase. Many companies prefer this manner if they are sometime scrutinized on how they spend their money. They can then claim that they �don�t own a private jet�, but instead just bury it as an expense. With this model, you won�t get the tax write off of the depreciation and you also will not get the benefit to resell your stake in the plane at the end of your contract. Those are two great corporate benefits of the ownership model.

Being able to fly on a private jet for business or personal reasons is not only for the extremely rich and famous. Many individuals can have the chance to take a private jet to many destinations that they may need to travel to for one reason or another.

Using such a plane can save on costs that are spent throughout the year, especially if you travel a lot. Another factor is the convenience. Having one at your disposal is far more convenient than having to travel on the commercial airlines.

Having access to a private jet to take you wherever you need to go, and for whatever purpose, can be very convenient. Who really wants to wait in long lines at an airport? Does anyone want to experience their luggage mysteriously disappearing; sometimes never to be seen again? Of course not.

Yet, while these experiences may not happen all the time, when they do they can be very tiresome. Having your own private jet for your travel needs can mean that you will know exactly where all of your baggage is and you can literally climb from your vehicle into it and take off. Just imagine.