Using a Jet Broker to Buy Your Private Aircraft

You've stood in line for forty-five minutes only to see the airport security team shut down one of their lines and reroute everyone. As you stand in your socks and stare down the barrel of the loaded gun of opportunity costs you consider the cost benefits of chartering or purchasing a private aircraft. When you are on the go constantly, when you know the flight attendants by name, and have a favorite bar at the local airport it is time to consider the purchase of a private jet. For companies with multiple executives on travel each week, the purchase of a jet becomes very economical.

When purchasing a private jet you will need to review your requirements. Does the amount of travel and employees in the air weekly justify the purchase of an entire jet aircraft, or would a fractional ownership situation be more suited to your corporate needs? Have you considered a charter service? These questions and more will be asked by jet brokers.

It is the jet broker's job to understand your needs prior to locating an aircraft. They will help you decide if your purchase is economical to your situation and provide recommendation as to your on the best course of action. A good jet broker will not push you into a sale, but provide you with the information to decide whether or not you ought to purchase the aircraft to begin with.

Jet brokers will provide you with multiple options in aircrafts, as well as, bring in consultants to perform maintenance checks upon the aircraft chosen, appraise the craft for your lender or insurance agents, and work with you to ensure that your purchase is top value for your investment. In short, a broker does everything but sign the paperwork.

Companies will use the breadth of their contacts and expertise to find you the right aircraft for your budget and use. They have access to planes that are not on the open market, so even if you don't see exactly what you are looking for on their website they may still be able to procure it for you. Jet brokers will use their industry contacts to seek out a particular plane for your needs.

When purchasing your first jet aircraft do yourself a favor and find a jet broker with years of success stories behind them.