Traveling on Private Jet Charter is Different

Many people have traveled several times on the commercial jet airlines. But many have not had the exclusive experience of private travel. Your experience on a private jet charter would be unique and different altogether. There are several advantages that are offered by the private jet charter that are not available to commercial airlines. In fact private jet charter is the ultimate travel in luxury.

Advantages of private jet charter over commercial airlines:

  • Your time schedule will be completely at your choice with the private jet charter.
  • With private jet charter you have access to over 5000 air ports in comparison to 500 airports with commercial airlines.
  • There are no security check or baggage claim lines for the passengers in the private jet charter.
  • You get complete privacy during the flight and this enhances your constructive capabilities.
  • You can visit multiple cities per day that is not possible with commercial airlines.
  • You get time economy and cost economy in combination.

Private jet charter is the ultimate luxury in travel

In your private travel you are the king and no one is there to direct or interrupt you. The peace of mind and tranquility that you gain could not have been possible with commercial airlines or any other types of jet charter. The brokers or operators who provide you the jet often makes it a point to see that the crews are highly experienced and efficient and safety of the passengers are paid the utmost importance. You can also reduce the cost per person by filling each seat in the aircraft.

The best advantage is that you are spared of the long waits and queues that await you at any of the airport when you are traveling through the commercial airlines. Only the flight crew will verify your identification and you are on your way. Moreover you do not have to waste time in searching for the lost luggage or checking the bags. On arrival in the airport you are normally directly escorted to the aircraft. The baggage is unloaded and boarded by the staff concerned and your job is simply getting out of the car and boarding the aircraft. You gain privacy, security, productivity and creativity all in one.

Financial aspects of private jet charter

Private jet charter in any case is a costly affair and you will certainly be worried about the financial aspects of such charter. It all depends on the size of the aircraft, duration of your journey and distance of the destination from the source point. Ordinarily it can range from $1000 to $8000 depending on the particular case, or size and type of aircraft.

That is not all. You may have to pay additional fees for waiting time of the aircraft, overnight stay somewhere, landing, catering, cabin service, short leg and relocation expenses. But these costs are nominal compared to the original chartering costs. The waiting time for example is calculated in the following manner:

  • Real flight time during 5 days trip is 7.75 hours.
  • Minimum time for 5 day trip is 10.00 hours.
  • The minimum of 10 hrs, 7.75 hours actual flight time = 2.25 hours is the waiting time.
  • Fee for the waiting time is equal to its multiplication by the hourly cost.