The Exclusivity of a Private Jet

Private jets just scream exclusivity. A real mark that one has reached the heights of success. It also denotes luxury, as there is not a more luxurious way to fly. The plush seats, legroom is not even an issue, and so much more. But what really keeps private jet travel exclusive is the cost.

Jet aviation costs millions just to get a jet, and then there is the expense of hangars, maintenance, pilots, fuels, fees, and insurance. This expense keeps people from considering a private jet, but a private jet charter may be in order to keep you in style while keeping costs low. Though sometime flying first-class may be an option, it doesn't always match to a chartered jet.

First, a private jet leaves when you show up. Oppose this to having arrive hours before departure time to get through security. It also goes straight to your destination, as opposed to any layover, no hub and spokes here. Once the jet is in the air, passengers are traveling with people they know and maybe even as a sole passenger. When they land, no terminal, no baggage claim, now waiting, you are off to your destination.

Speaking of destination, a private jet will place you much closer to the destination than any commercial airline. A chartered jet can serve thousands of airports, where the major airlines only fly to 500 locations. You practically step off the jet and are at the final destination. No messing with rental cars, hotel shuttles, or cabs. No waiting for in a crowded baggage claim either.

Your next trip should only be done in the luxury of a private jet. Let everyone know you arrived, not just at the location but in life.