Making the Business Argument for Private Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is not just a luxurious perk for the executive set. When someone really begins to examine it, corporate aviation stands on its own. The facts overcome the negative hype. Research has shown that companies that properly utilize private jets do a better than the competition that do not.

It is worth noting that private jets in service of corporations only fly executives as a small part of their duties. Most of the time (over 80% of the time) they are moving other people or goods. These private jets move raw materials, parts, and goods to keep plants open, they keep operations operating. Corporate aircraft also transport technicians to locations keeping businesses open. Thus, private aircraft keep people working and employed.

Sadly, corporate aviation also has spent hours moving politicians around. The very same politicians that have targeted private aircraft usage of late.

Private corporate aircraft can fly employees from location to location in a single day. This keeps techs or management visiting multiple plants, multiple site inspections, or on multiple sales calls. This is a savings on lodging and meals, while also increasing productivity as staff can visit a site in a day. A site that would take three days to get to and from with regular travel. This is a real savings when talking about six-figure employees.

Not to be discounted is the better shape private aircraft will deliver personnel. With no bustling airports, layovers, baggage claim, staff arrives refreshed and ready to work as soon as they land. There are no missed or canceled flights, plus work is done in flight on a business jet.

Corporate aircraft can get personnel closer to their final destinations. Private aircraft can utilize over five thousand airports to get one where they need to be, while the major airlines only serve 500 airports. That means more trips to plants and sites in rural areas. Also, the airlines are shutting down routes as fast as they can to save money. They closed 100 routes just last year.

So, as one can see that the truth of private aircraft can overcome the negative hype.