Jet Aircraft for Sale - Start your Search

If you are looking around at a jet aircraft for sale, then you might be bewildered at the amount of information that you have to wade through before you are able to make a decision. The prices of private jets vary incredibly depending on whether or not they are new or pre-owned. It might not always be the best investment to buy a brand new one, but who can argue with the unadulterated delight of seeing the latest model jet aircraft powering down the runway of a private airport. Just the thought of it is enough to thrust you into action. There is an amazing array of jets for sale around the world. The more popular types of jets are Bombardier (Makers of the Learjet, Challenger, Global Express lines), Gulfstream, Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Cessna, and Dassault. With that kind of choice available at your fingertips, it is hard to choose the right one for you.

Buying a jet is not all about the price although you will have to have a budget of between $10 to $50 million dollars to start your search, and that is just for the initial purchase price. The best way to get started is to prepare a cost-benefit financial analysis in conjunction with your jet broker. A good jet broker firm who has been in the business for many years will advise you as to the way forward and guide you through the entire process.

The factors you need to consider before investing in a jet aircraft for sale:

  • How many hours of flying time will the jet be doing during a year. If you are a regular flyer, you can offset this against the cost that commercial flying has cost you or your business in the last calendar year. In terms of bang for your buck, you should compare the prices of business class tickets for the purposes of this exercise. We are talking luxury here, not being squeezed in Row 29f at the back of economy class!
  • The purchase price does not include maintenance, insurance, fuel, the cost of hiring a flight crew and the food for flights. They might sound like small items, but over a year, they can mount up to rather large bills.
  • Ask your jet broker to negotiate a deal for you with an aircraft management company. The fees for running your jet will be in the region of about a quarter of a million dollars a year, but they handle everything for you.
  • The size of the jet will radically influence the amount of passengers you can carry as well as the range that you will be able to travel. You need to work this out before you purchase a jet, so you are not left with a very expensive mistake.

You can also consider the value of fractional ownership as part of you cost analysis breakdown. Your jet broker will be able to advise you on the merits of such a scheme. The most important aspect of buying a jet is to find a jet broker who is reliable and professional to handle the major negotiations on your behalf.