Competitive Executive Jet Charter Yields the Best Prices

Charter Auction, web-based, created one of the private jet industry's largest empty-leg databases, offering executive private jet travelers an auction style process that results in competitive pricing and available jet charter aircraft for its customers. It is an online exchange for jet charter pricing, utilizing exclusive aircraft locater technology to make executive private jet charter affordable for business and executive travelers around the globe. International world travelers seeking point-to-point, private jet charter travel services anywhere in the world, as well as additional services including gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services with any international air chartered flights yield the best prices using the competitive process.

New international clients, as well as veterans that utilize private jet charter, air charter operators, travel planners and other air charter industry professionals involved in the air charter auction platform of Charter Auction form an unparalleled relationship and contribute to the boost the market has been working so hard for.

More than 100 communities have lost all airline service. There are about 70 hub cities in the United States and if you happen to reside outside of one of them, you will be all too familiar with the limitations of commercial airline service. Executive private jet charter fliers have access to over 5000 airports in the United States alone and thousands of international airports. As the private jet charter industry relapses from its hard slaps, NBTA, ASTA members, professional travel planners and corporate flight departments seek out the beneficial aspects of the jet charter expense for their employees and clients. Part of the boost to the business private jet charter industry was proving that business travel including executive private jet usage are tools for efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

Charter Auction most dedicated service is to provide aircrafts that meet or exceed the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. This model allows us to provide the least expense jet charter travel arrangements without ever compromising safety.

The company provides world-class private jet industry expertise, jet specific travel selections, third party safety reports and the ability to view the internal and external features of a client's aircraft before the flight through a visual online database. Charter Auction's exclusive technology enables aircraft operators the ability to quote costs for point to point trips. has created one of the industry's largest empty-leg databases. Prior to, flight prices were typically quoted on a round-trip basis because there was no other way to assure costs for the return leg of a trip. It is because of our excellence in service we have been honored with several industry awards.