Unmatched Cabin of the Piaggio Avanti

Piaggio P.180 Cabin

The Shape of Performance and Comfort

  • Ultra-spacious stand-up cabin has oversized leather seats with both a club configuration and a forward divan.
  • Room for seven passengers with a fully enclosed private lavatory.
  • Class and elegance of a luxurious stand-up cabin you would expect from a mid-size aircraft, featuring oversized stuffed leather seats with the interior wrapped in an acoustic blanket providing a whisper quite cabin ride.
  • With baggage capacity comparable to that of a mid-size aircraft, you can comfortably store your golf bags, or family vacation baggage in the storage areas.

Avantair Piaggio P.180 Cabin

Sit back and relax, enjoy the pre-stocked beverages on board the aicraft.  And, flying at up to 41,000 feet means we soar high above any unpleasant weather, offering you the safest and smoothest travel.