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The Real Cost of Airline Travel vs. Private Travel

Today’s business environment demands an ever-increasing need for flexible travel — both for business and to maximize a limited amount of leisure time. To further exasperate the issue, commercial airline travel entails longer and longer lines, more and more delays, less and less service… First Class or Coach, it makes little difference.

Has waiting in long lines for your commercial flight ever resulted in timely delays - causing you to miss your connection and furthermore, your luggage ends up in another part of the country? This scenario is a thing of the past in private aviation.  Imagine this, pull directly up to your aircraft - 10 minutes before your scheduled flight - your luggage is loaded onto the aircraft and you are on our way. Consider the 5,000 some airports private aircraft companies fly into as compared to the 550 commercial flights service (less than 11%) and you are delivered faster and closer to your final destination.

If you were to dissect the entire cost of traveling on an airline, you might find the expense far more than you would expect, taking into consideration the amount of time you are spending to travel commercially. Not surprisingly, the August 2012 commercial airlines report on “Customer Service” states that for all airlines, 1/3 of all flights were delayed and the passenger complaints increased from the same time last year. In addition, the 2012 Airline Quality Rating, year after year ratings of the following categories; on-time departures, denied boardings, mishandled baggage and customer complaints resulted in poorer performance in most categories.

Do you travel with your pets? Over 50 pet deaths and 15 injuries, during air transportation, were reported by various airlines in the 2012 Air Travel Consumer Report provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation. You can alleviate your worries about your furry family members when you fly privately. Most private jets allow you to have your pets in the cabin with you – regardless of size. No more comparing your pets to cargo.

Further, private travel companies are often updating and adding new aircraft to their fleet, keeping the average age of the fleet around five years. With domestic airline travel, the average age of the fleet rose from 10.6 in 2002 to 12.2 in 2006, according to Airline Monitor, an aviation research firm. This adds to diminished interiors, a louder aircraft, increased down time with mechanical issues and additional fuel required to the fly the aircraft.

Flying Private: The Advantages

Private jets and turboprops flown by professional flight crews have a better safety record than that of commercial airlines.  According to the 2006 Annual Turbine Aircraft Accident Review by Robert E. Breiling Associates Inc., professionally-flown private aircraft had .14 accidents per 100,000 flight hours compared to .16 per 100,000 flight hours for airlines and 1.49 per 100,000 flight hours for chartered aircraft. Furthermore, with private travel, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing exactly who is on board your aircraft.

Pure convenience
Each day, private aircraft take off and land in thousands of airports in the United States alone. Private flyers always have the advantage of flying into smaller airports, thereby avoiding the hassle and visibility of major hubs. Enjoy no security or ticket lines,

no waiting for luggage and you can pull right up to your aircraft, board and be on your way. Further, private aviation companies are completely customer-oriented; the level of individual privacy, comfort and service makes all the difference. 

Schedule control
As a private flyer, you determine when, where and how soon you fly. Emergency meetings or spur-of-the-moment pleasure trips can go from a spontaneous decision to take-off within a matter of hours. As a private traveler, you have ultimate control of your busy schedule.

Time savings
Compared to the preparation and necessary lead time spent when traveling with a commercial airline, the preparation and time involved when flying privately is dramatically less... as well as less stressful. You experience virtually none of the airline and airport inconveniences that are happening more and more frequently with commercial travel, whose on-time arrival percentages have been steadily declining over the years. For private flyers, what used to take two or three days to accomplish by commercial air now takes one day or less with private travel. Private aircraft are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, within hours of your call.

Increased productivity and confidentiality
More effective time management leads directly to increased productivity. With the airline, even if your commercial flight is only one hour, you'll need to arrive at the airport an hour and a half before. You'll also have to wait for luggage, taxi, or other transportation resulting in many unproductive hours. Because you are flying more efficiently with a private aircraft – and saving time doing so – you and your business associates are free to concentrate on business. Further, because it’s your plane, the on-board environment is much more conducive to working en route. Confidential information remains confidential, there are no outsiders looking over your shoulder, and there are no unwelcome on-board distractions (which can be constant on a commercial flight).

Better communications
A crucial trait of any successful business is excellent communication, which builds trust and loyalty. Flying privately increases the potential of face-to-face meetings with clients and new business prospects. More business can be done in person when your travel options know no limits, and that personal touch leads to strengthened lines of communications.

A life and work balance
In this age, the demands and deadlines of being a successful professional can take a toll on your personal life. The advantages — both tangible and intangible — of traveling by private aircraft can ultimately create a stronger, more meaningful life/work balance for you. Your travel options become limitless when you fly privately, allowing you more flexibility to be home when you really need to be home... because you’re not restricted to an airline schedule and the myriad delays and disruptions it can cause. The option of traveling with family members is easier to realize as well.


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