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Avantair Testimonials

"I have participated in the Marquis and Flight Options program in the past and my experience has been superior at Avantair in every respect - on time departures, comfort of plane and much better economics."

Cam Garner | Avantair Fractional Owner

"When choosing a private travel provider, I decided to eliminate the middleman and focus on affordable air travel with fractional equity, full-size comfort and fuel efficiency. Avantair is the right partner."

Dick DeWolfe | Avantair Fractional Owner

"It’s very convenient to get to an airport and be in the air ten minutes later.  And there is a fixed monthly bill, so instead of cost calculations per trip, I concentrate on utilizing this tool in the most effective way to benefit my clients."

Jeff Zell | Washington DC

"The aviation world has changed since 9/11, and while flying millions of miles commercially in my past business life, I resisted what I felt was the excessive cost of flying privately. Today, Avantair & the remarkable Piaggio have changed the ground rules. Comfort and convenience are no longer the exclusive purview of billionaires on G-5's. The Piaggio combines the speed and first class service one can only dream about on today's commercial flights... and at a price that allows access to mere affluent flyers. Avantair's reliability and quality have enticed many participants in our remote town of Sun Valley and as brand awareness develops, I have no doubt more will follow nationwide."

Doug Rhymes | Sun Valley, ID

"After looking at all the other programs and doing my research, I chose Avantair and I couldn’t be happier!  The program offers me the flexibility I need along with a total unique and superb aircraft.  The Piaggio delivers the comfort of a much more expensive plane along with a level of service expected only from the finest programs!  All this at a most reasonable price; you can’t beat the value and all that Avantair offers!"

Jerrold Rosenbaum | President, Rinzi, LLC, Jacksonville, FL

"No one loves living in California Wine Country more than my wife, business partners and I. . . but severely limited commercial air travel service often forces two-hour drive times to our 'local' airports!   Team Avantair and its fleet of Piaggio's has PROVEN to us how safe, professional, and cost-effective private aviation can be.  Avantair has allowed our multi-city businesses to grow and given my family the flexibility of weekend trips that leave us energized rather than exhausted!"

Lawrence V. Amaturo | Santa Rosa, CA