Pilot Training

Avantair Pilot Training

At Avantair, our management team are trained pilots. That means they look at every decision partly as a pilot would. We hire the best pilots, period. Avantair works to retain them by engaging them in a culture that values the importance of the flight crew. Our pilots’ opinions matter and their input is valued and accepted. We understand that an environment that fosters a relationship with its employees is much more conducive to share values and input about crucial items. The people at Avantair hold this relationship in high regard along with the value it adds to the company and our overall owner satisfaction. Our selection process for pilot hiring is rigorous. Avantair’s most critical qualifications for pilot candidates are safety and service. Our pilots endure rigorous mandatory on-going training. All of Avantair’s pilots are trained and checked to a level of proficiency required for a pilot-in-command. Their flight training consists of a course of ground and simulator instruction.