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Piaggio P.180

As the exclusive fractional aircraft ownership provider of the Piaggio Avanti, Avantair will change the way you view private travel. The unique shape and design of the piaggio aircraft allows for the efficiency of a turboprop, a speed that rivals most light cabin jets, and provides the cabin comfort you’d expect from a mid-size aircraft. And that is just the beginning.

No fractional aircraft today, jet or turboprop, offers the versatility of the Piaggio Avanti.  With the ability to fly non-stop from New York to locations such as Chicago, Atlanta, West Palm Beach or Miami.  The Piaggio P180 Avanti cruises at jets speeds and still offers the operational flexibility to fly in and out of shorter runways – increasing your travel destination options.

The Piaggio Avanti aircraft defines a new category of luxury, performance and efficiency in jet powered, turboprop aircraft.  Cruising at jet speeds over 450 mph, the Piaggio Avanti travels faster and quieter than most light cabin aircraft, yet has a fraction of the fuel consumption and lower overall costs. The Piaggio Avanti features the lowest carbon emissions and is the ‘greenest’ fractional aircraft. With rear-mounted propellers and an acoustic blanket enveloping the cabin, you’ll experience one of the quietest rides in the fractional aircraft ownership industry – even quieter than most jets.  The unique shape of the Piaggio Avanti lends itself to a spacious, luxurious stand-up cabin – with oversized leather captain chairs, the cabin-cross section of a super mid-size aircraft and plenty of work space.

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