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Avantair can’t offer you a rooftop lounge and infinity pool or a spa and fitness services aboard the Piaggio Avanti, but we can fly you to the world class Capella property in Georgetown, Washington D.C. that has it all.  At Avantair, we believe quality of service is paramount and so does Capella Georgetown. Avantair Owners receive exclusive offers from Capella that include one of a kind accommodation packages and specialized value added services. Discover a sophisticated address that is the very definition of an urban luxury retreat.

  Luggage Forward 
With Avantair’s commitment to excellence and value and Luggage Forward’s premier service guarantee, a partnership was only natural. Avantair Owners receive a discount on this luxury door-to-door luggage shipping service. Whether you ship golf clubs, skis or excess baggage, your luggage is guaranteed to arrive safely and on time. Luggage shipping provides total travel convenience and is guaranteed to make your flight experience even easier.

  Judith Ripka 
Avantair Owners receive a welcome gift and exclusive offers throughout the year for the unique beauty, timeless style and understated elegance that has made Judith Ripka the ultimate in 18k gold jewelry. Award-winning designer Judith Ripka inspires those who appreciate style, design and uncompromising quality. Judith Ripka’s distinctive designs reflect her passion for fine jewelry and celebrate her enthusiasm for individualism with her commitment to timeless styling. Always maintaining a classic style with a modern twist sensibility. 

  Home Waters 
Avantair Owners receive a 50% price reduction for one (1) “retreat” to be used at any of Homewaters retreat locations up to a total value of $3,000. At HomeWaters Club’s East or West locations, you will find solace in some of the finest fly fishing waters in the world. HomeWaters Club’s long-term preservation efforts and investment in our natural resources has resulted in over 75 miles of unspoiled quiet waters teeming with blue-ribbon trout of trophy proportions. And with concierge service and well-appointed cabins and cottages within feet of immaculate streams, there are no details to worry over. All of your time can be spent with feet firmly planted streamside with rod in hand, savoring the solitude and quality time with family.

Avantair Owners receive a complimentary Hertz #1 Club Gold. Signing up for Hertz #1 Club Gold means you can bypass the regular rental counter and proceed directly to your pre-assigned vehicle, saving you valuable time. You only have to tell Hertz your rental preferences once. As a #1 Club Gold member, you will also be automatically enrolled in Hertz’s frequent renter program in which you will be able to earn higher levels of Gold service, personal free day certificates, free upgrades and bonus frequent flier miles.