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Safety By Design  Avantair Safety By Design

Safety is paramount at Avantair.  In fact, the Avanti Piaggio Avanti, selected by Avantair primarily for its safety benefits, was originally designed with safety in mind as the aircraft that features all the following:

Three lifting surface design balances lift over a larger surface area enhancing stability and dissipating turbulence.  All wing surfaces, including the tail, produce positive lift.  On a standard aircraft the main wing creates positive lift and the tail creates negative lift.  In turbulence the two surfaces fight against each other.  The Piaggio Avanti’s lifting surfaces work together for the perfect balance thus resulting in the smooth flight you prefer.

The unique fuselage design of the Piaggio Avanti significantly reduces drag by incorporating the forward wing that you see on the front of the aircraft.  This allows the main wing to be 30% smaller than standard.  With the installation of the forward wing, the main wing is virtually impossible to aerodynamically stall, therefore directional control is always maintained. 

The Piaggio Avanti was designed with safety in mind.  Heated “anti ice” wings prevent ice from forming on the wings.  The anti-ice system that the Piaggio Avanti incorporated is similar to those found on airliners and much larger jets.  This system uses heated exhaust air from the engines ducted along the edge of the wings as ice accumulates.  This system prevents ice from ever forming on the aircraft.

But, don’t take our word for it – the 2007 Robert E. Breiling Report of Business Aviation Safety showed the Avanti Piaggio Avant as one of the only aircraft in its category with a flawless safety rating during “all years of operation (1964 – 2006)”
Source: Robert Breiling Accident Report 2007

In addition to the aircraft design, our pilots, certified maintenance professional, schedulers, dispatchers and security and operations personnel adhere to the strictest safety standards.  We base every decision, in every department, in our daily operations with safety at the forefront.