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The First Fractional to Go Green

Avantair Goes Green

In response to the environmental challenge faced by all aircraft carriers, Avantair has become the first fractional in the industry to begin offsetting carbon emissions by purchasing Flight TerraPass for all new owners.  

Every time an aircraft flies, jet fuel is submitted into the air in the form of carbon dioxide.  As we boast the lowest fuel burn in the fractional industry, our carbon emissions are in turn also the lowest in the industry. Avantair is the exclusive provider of the Piaggio Avanti, which is the most efficient of all fractional aircraft with a fuel burn of about 98 gallons per hour. 

TerraPass funds three types of leading-edge projects: (1) clean energy such as wind; (2) farm power such as dairy farm methane digesters; and (3) landfill gas capture which reduces the impact of our own waste.  Every TerraPass offset purchase is audited according to standards set by the nonprofit Center for Resources Solutions, creator of Green-e, the nationís leading renewable energy certification program.

Avantair Go Green Chart

For more information on TerraPass, please visit their website http://www.terrapass.com/.

NOTE: Many aspects of Avantairís operations are subject to foreign laws and regulations protecting the environment, in addition to federal, state and local laws. The Company does not anticipate that the costs of compliance with current environmental regulations will have a material adverse effect on our business. However, the cost of compliance with any future environmental regulations is unknown and may have a material effect. Although the Company believes its aircraft produce 35.0% less carbon emissions than its competitorsí aircraft, based upon fuel usage rates of the Piaggio Avanti aircraft as compared to other aircraft in the light jet category as derived from data compiled by the Halogen Guide, February 2007 issue, it could be impacted significantly if more stringent environmental laws and regulations related to aircraft emissions were imposed.