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Line Service Technician

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform aircraft refueling operations and park arriving aircraft
  • Safely tow aircraft in and around flight line areas and hangars
  • Maintain a clean and orderly flight line free of FOD and safety hazards
  • Ensure aircraft storage hangars are in a clean and hazard free condition
  • Upon customer request, move aircraft from storage hangars to the flight line and prepare them for flight
  • Perform quality control checks on fuel
  • Report any incident involving damage to aircraft or incorrect fueling immediately
  • Ensure that all fuel trucks remain filled, stocked and prepared to safely and efficiently operate
  • Perform customer service functions such as baggage handling, trash removal, courtesy transportation and any other reasonable request
  • Be aware of and maintain airport security procedures, reporting any violations to your supervisor
  • Maintain cordial relationships with other employees and customers
  • Ensure that, to the best of the employee's abilities and knowledge, every aircraft departing from Avantair is safe for flight
  • Proper preventive maintenance on equipment such as checking oil; the proper use and treatment of equipment as well as ensuring that lights are off when not needed and water is not wasted
  • Perform all additional tasks as may be assigned from time to time by a supervisor

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