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Avantair Axis Lease Program
Avantairís Axis lease program is the alternative to standard jet lease programs. Youíll fly without the risk of unknown future residual valuation or the upfront financial commitment of a fractional jet ownership. The Axis Lease Program provides operational and financial flexibility for your private travel needs. And now, up to $8 a gallon, your fuel is included in the price you pay so you know exactly what it costs to fly, no surprises!

Fly Exactly the Hours you Need

With our unique Axis Lease Program, youíll fly a minimum of 50 hours or any increment of 5 hours above that. With flexible 2 and 5 year jet lease options, Axis Lease is perfect jet lease program for private travelers who want to avoid residual risk and fly 50 hours or more per year.

Private Travel Made Easy

The Axis Lease Program is the perfect introduction into private travel or perfect supplemental lift solution for larger aircraft owners. You gain all the convenience of Avantairís Piaggio Avanti aircraft; spacious mid-size cabin comfort, jet like speeds with turbo-prop fuel efficiency. Avantair, the best overall value in private aviation.
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