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Avantair FAQ


What is the baggage capacity for each of your aircraft?

The Avanti has ample storage for baggage, including a 44 cubic feet external cargo compartment and a large internal closet, comparable to that of a large SUV.

What amenities do your aircraft have?

The Piaggio Avanti offers a cabin size comparable to midsize jets, and oversized swiveling and reclining Italian leather seats.  Each seat has individual lighting and retractable tables with electrical outlets for your laptop.  The aircraft has a full size private bathroom with a solid closing door.  The galley provides hot and cold as well as dry and wet storage for catering.  With its sound-dampening interior, the cabin is one of the quietest in the sky.

What procedures are in place in the event of an in-flight medical emergency?

Avantair's pilots are always in contact with air traffic control.  In the event of an in-flight medical emergency, our crew can coordinate medical support immediately.  In addition, our pilots are trained in CPR and first aid.

What if all of the aircraft are in use when I make a reservation?

Avantair will make every effort to provide you with an Avanti for your flight.  In the unlikely event that all aircraft are booked, we will charter you in an equivalent aircraft.

How can you guarantee aircraft availability?

Apart from the aircraft owned by the fractional owners, Avantair owns aircraft outright with, no shares sold, as core aircraft fleet to fly owner trips when scheduling is increased.  We also have guaranteed leases or leasebacks from the factory when necessary.

Who can fly on my Avantair aircraft?

Anyone you designate may fly on your aircraft.

How do I make reservations and how far in advance must I make them?

Reservations are made over the telephone or via the Internet with your dedicated owner services team.  Minimum time guarantees vary with the size interest owned, however, aircraft are available with 24 hours notice.  Avantair has designated certain travel days where there is particularly high demand for Avantair aircraft as Peak Travel Days.  These Peak Travel Days require a longer advanced notice.

Will I be able to fly anywhere in the world with my Avantair interest?

The service area for the Avantair program consists of the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and select airports in the Bahamas.  Click here to view our Primary Service Area.

How many airports can Avantair aircraft fly into?

The Piaggio Avanti has the ability to fly in and out of many more airports (and even airports with shorter runways) typically unusable by its jet peers.  Currently there are more than 5,000 airports nationwide available to Avantair owners.

Will I always fly on the specific aircraft that I own?

The benefit of fractional ownership includes flexibility, safety and savings.  As an owner, you will be a part of an interchange agreement allowing owners in the program to fly on any aircraft within the program.  All aircraft are identically equipped.  This not only allows for the most efficient use of the program aircraft, but also allows us to provide you with the same excellent consistent service associated with Avantair.

Will I sometimes have to share flights with others?

As a fractional owner, you will sign an agreement that allows us to fly other owners on your share and vice versa.  However, you will not fly with other owners.  On your flights, you will be accompanied only by your flight crew and your selected guests.

What if my travel requirements change?

Avantair owners have the option to purchase additional shares or sell their shares at any time

How long do I own my interest in an aircraft?

The initial agreement is for a five year period after which an owner may continue in the aircraft for up to an additional five years.  At the end of the five year agreement owners have three options:  sell their share to a replacement purchaser at fair market value, apply the fair market value of the concluding share towards a new share, or renew the share for a year while your travel needs are re-evaluated.

What's the smallest Avantair interest I can purchase?

A 1/16th share provides 50 hours of flight time per year.

How does the Avantair fractional program compare?

At the outset, Avantair may appear similar to other fractional providers.  A closer look, however, will demonstrate an aircraft unrivaled in the industry with a program that emphasizes an unmatched commitment to safety, security and customer service, with no hourly flight fees, a fractional first.

Tell me more about the history of Avantair and its financial resources

Avantair's predecessor company, Skyline Aviation Services was founded in 1998 by Steven Santo.  Skyline Aviation Services provided aircraft management services for several law firms throughout New York and New Jersey.  The Avantair Fractional Program was founded in July 2003.  Today, Avantair is the only stand-alone company in the fractional industry whose shares are publicly traded.

How do I know if fractional ownership is right for me?

If you travel more than 25 hours per year on a chartered aircraft or make frequent overnight trips, the additional charges of charter can be exorbitant.  In many instances fractional providers do not charge any repositioning fees or waiting fees.  Fractional owners also enjoy the tax benefits associated with aircraft ownership, as well as a greatly increased level of safety and security.

How can I get a copy of Avantairís Annual Report?

You can request an electronic copy online that can be delivered via e-mail. Additionally, you can view online versions of the Annual Report on the Avantair Investor Relations website under Filings.

How can I view Avantairís latest financial reports?

All filings made by Avantair to the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) can be found on the SEC’s Web site at www.sec.gov . In addition, these filings can also be found on the Avantair Investor Relations website under Filings.

How do I access earnings results and conference calls?

The Company’s quarterly earnings release can be found on our Web site. Each earnings conference call is webcast live from the Avantair Investor Relations Event Calendar section of the website and is available for replay.

When does Avantair announce quarterly earnings?

Avantair currently announces quarterly earnings four times a year. To find the scheduled date for the next earnings announcement, please refer to the Avantair Investor Relations Event Calendar on our Web site for a period of time.

When does Avantairís fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on June 30.

Who is Avantairís transfer agent and how do I contact them?

Shareholders with inquiries regarding address corrections, lost certificates, or changes in registered share ownership should be directed to: Continental Stock Transfer
 17 Battery Place
 New York, NY 10004
 T 212.509.4000
 F 212.509.5150

When was Avantairís initial public offering?

On February 22, 2007, the stockholders of Ardent Acquisition Corporation voted to approve Ardent’s acquisition of Avantair, Inc. pursuant to the Stock Purchase Agreement, dated as of October 2, 2006, as amended on December 15, 2006, between Ardent and certain stockholders of Avantair, and the Letter Agreement dated October 22, 2006, between Ardent and other stockholders of Avantair. Under the terms of the Purchase Agreement and the Letter Agreement, on February 22, 2007, Ardent issued 6,684,822 shares of its common stock in consideration of all of the outstanding capital stock of Avantair.

How can I buy or sell Avantair stock?

The Company does not have a direct purchase program; however shares of Avantair can be bought or sold through any financial institution that provides brokerage services. Avantair is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the ticker symbol AAIR.OB.

What is Avantairís ticker symbol?

Avantair is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the ticker AAIR.OB.

Who are Avantairís independent accountants?

J.H. Cohn LLP, an Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, serve as Avantair’s independent auditors.

How can I contact Avantair Investor Relations?

Investor inquiries regarding Avantair, Inc. can be directed to: Brandi Floberg or Devin Rhoades The Piacente Group, Inc. 475 Park Avenue South – 5th Floor New York, NY 10016 Phone: (212) 481-2050 Fax: (212) 213-6666 Email: aair@tpg-ir.com

Where is the Company's headquarters?

Avantair’s corporate headquarters is located in Clearwater, Florida. Avantair, Inc. 4311 General Howard Drive Clearwater, Florida 33762

Who is on Avantairís senior management team?

Steven F. Santo, Chief Executive Officer; Richard Pytak, Chief Financial Officer; Kevin Beitzel, Chief Operating Officer; John Colucci, Executive Vice President; Kevin V. McKamey, Executive Vice President;

When was Avantair, Inc. founded?

Avantair was founded in July 2003 as the exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti P.180 aircraft.