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Aircraft Ownership: Why Avantair?

Experience the unmatched level of safety, security and convenience of private aviation without the expense of whole aircraft ownership. Looking for fractional jet ownership, jet leasing or jet card programs? Whether flying for business or pleasure, Avantair offers three award-winning programs to fit your private travel needs.

If you're flying 50 hours or more per year, our fractional aircraft ownership program is designed for you. With flexible share options and equal

monthly installments, airplane ownership has never been so easy. Avantair can meet your jet leasing and jet card needs through our Axis Lease or Edge Card programs and we are the first of the fractional aircraft ownership companies in the industry with no hourly flight fees with our fractional ownership program or lease programs.

Avantair is proud to be the exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti Turboprop airplane. The Avanti can reach light jet speeds, averaging 425 mph, with up to 40% less fuel

consumption than comparable private jets. The Piaggio is the lowest carbon emitting aircraft in private jet travel.

From our unparalleled focus on comfort and airplane safety to our industry leading customer service, Avantair delivers the best value in the industry. Request information today and one of our experienced sales consultants will assist you throughout the decision-making process to tailor a program to meet your private travel requirements.